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First Timers

Are wondering if dance fitness is for you?  Curious what kind of classes we have at Seattle Dance Fitness?  Below, Jessica tries to answer any questions you might have about our classes so you can feel best prepared to give us a try!
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Want to give us a Try?

Our classes are for everyBODY! 

We offer Dance Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing, Strength & Toning, and Stretching. Our classes, instructors, and community are straight👏 up 👏FUN 👏 and fitness is just a natural byproduct. PLUS, being in a space, moving as a group in unison has scientifically proven health and wellness benefits!

We offer flexible pricing for everyone! From our best-in-value Memberships, On-Demand ONLY package, or traditional Class Passes, you can pick and choose the punchcard or membership that best fits your lifestyle!

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New Student Special

Our students suggest trying us more than just one time to feel successful. At just $30, our New Client Special is a great value and perfect way to try out all of our classes, including in-studio, livestream and access to our On-Demand library.

2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes

Hi! My name is Jessica Gleason and I am the founder and proud owner of Seattle Dance Fitness (aka. SDF).

Jessica Gleason

Are you looking to truly feel GOOD in your mind & body?

At Seattle Dance Fitness, that is our goal for YOU! SDF is here for you if you’re looking for an hour of ME time, or just to move your body, or for a friendly new community, or maybe to just GET OUT of your HEAD for an hour. Come give us a try and we promise all that and more!

We offer a variety of Adult Dance & Fitness Classes - from Dance Fitness to Cardio Kickboxing... Strength Training to Stretching - always set to a kickass playlist!  Plus, students can take our classes both In-studio or via Live Stream, offering ultimate flexibility. Students with memberships can access our on-demand library of recorded classes. Never miss your workout!

When people ask me about our signature Cardio Dance Party dance fitness classes, I like to tell them to "Think Zumba®️ but less cha cha cha and more drop it like it’s HOT!". These classes are high energy!  Classes are about sweating, smiling and WERKING to our choreo. If you are moving, you are doing it right! 

Meanwhile, our Kids Dance Fitness Classes are best described as a DANCE PARTY featuring kid-friendly hip hop & pop routines! ​Kids dance along to easy-to-follow choreography that incorporate key childhood development elements like confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity & coordination.

As of Fall 2022, Kids Classes have returned to schools. We are so excited!  (Contact us if you are interested in bringing HHK to your school in Shoreline or North Seattle.)

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

We are so excited to meet you!

View more on the SDF YouTube Channel!


Join founder & lead instructor Jessica Gleason for a full 55 minute Cardio Dance Party class for FREE! 

This class was originally recorded via zoom in December 2021 for WholeU - a University of Washington community wellness program.

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