Meet our Instructors

It is the mission of Seattle Dance Fitness to bring our excitement for the power of dance to everyBODY. Our classes will not only ignite your passion for fitness, dance, and community, but they will also inspire, empower, and fuel you in your every day life. Our SUPER welcoming and energetic team of instructors strive EVERY day to bring out the best in students of all ages, encouraging them to LIFT EACH OTHER UP too!

Adult Dance Fitness Instructors

Founder Jessica Gleason headshot

Jessica Gleason, Founder 

Adult "CDP" Classes  |  Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®  |  Move & Grow


In 2017 Jessica founded Seattle Dance Fitness where in her “Cardio Dance Party” classes, adult students not only follow along each week to original dance fitness choreography featuring pop, hip hop and Top 40 music but they also find a super fun and welcoming community of dancers in all ages and stages of life . 


Jessica's Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® program offers elementary aged kiddos the chance to find joy in just MOVING their bodies! No mirrors, no judgement, just a super fun hour of age appropriate follow along dance fitness songs, dance games and freestyle dancing too! Jessica's Move & Grow program offers the littlest of the SDF family members (babies, toddlers and preschoolers) an hour of creative movement and play with their parent/caregiver.  

Through her dance and dance fitness programs, Jessica found her calling in helping to empower her students, both adults and kiddos. Her classes offer a truly FUN and satisfying option for creating a HEALTHY lifestyle that lasts for a lifetime!

Instructor Elizabeth Ang headshot

Elizabeth Ang 

Adult "CDP" Classes  |  Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®


Elizabeth Ang, also known as Liz, is outgoing and vibrant. She was born and raised in our beautiful state of Washington with her large Filipino family. She is a recent graduate with a degree in Elementary Education from Western Governors University. She has a strong passion for helping others and teaching has always been her lifelong dream career.

Liz has been dancing since she was seven years old. She choreographed dances with her cousins and performed for her family at holidays and parties. She enjoys dancing in the styles of hip hop, salsa, merengue, bachata, jazz, pop, and country line dance. Her dancing inspiration comes from the love of challenging her body and continuously learning new moves and dance styles. 

Liz wants to share her love for dance, so became a dance instructor. She currently holds a certification in Zumba®.

Not only does Liz dance and teach, but she also enjoys many hobbies such as snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, weightlifting, rock climbing, and hiking. Liz is also a snowboard/ski instructor in her spare time. She is beyond ecstatic to be a Dance Fitness instructor and can't wait to share this adventure with you and/or your child!


Paige Dashiell 

Strong in 30™


Paige is ecstatic to join the SDF instructor team as our Strong in 30™ Instructor!  She has been a member of the SDF community since SDF was founded, and SDF holds a special place in her heart.  She is a strong believer in the power of group fitness and community.  There is something about working out together and being part of a community that changes your entire mindset on working out.  It did for her! 

Paige’s favorite type of workout (next to dance of course!) is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) because of how efficient you burn calories, while building your muscle and stamina at the same time. The classes taught by Paige are 30 minutes long and include a fast paced, total-body workout. In each class you will efficiently burn calories while toning your arms, legs, abs, and glutes. Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees, jumping jacks, burpees are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing. Every move is driven by the music, helping you make it to the last rep! In each class, moves will be shown in a progression sequence so you can choose your level and increase the intensity when you are ready.

Come join our Strong Crew; we are stronger together!


Paige is also a wife and mother of 2 boys. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on getaways, dancing with her SDF community and watching shows with the hubs to wind down in the evening.


Kim Bishop Oliver

Adult "CDP" Classes  |  Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®  |  Move & Grow


Kim has always had a passion for dance and fitness, but just recently discovered the two together. She dabbled in ballet as a young girl then quickly turned to all things sports. In her teens, after a major injury took her out of sports for good, she followed her passion back to dance. This time, however, her training was more “fieldwork” and she studied mostly in da clubs and at poppin’ house parties. ;) Kim got to a point in her life recently where she was searching for something more...


Kim walked into her first SDF party in the fall of 2018 and she was HOOKED. When she got to know the supportive community and positive environment that Seattle Dance Fitness promotes, she became a LIFER. She finds it truly and oddly poetic that all roads seem to have prepared and led her here. Her past experiences from teaching preschool, many years of athletic training, extensive musical studies and getting her Bachelors of Arts at the University of Washington in Drama to being licensed in Zumba and mentored by Jessica, it all comes together in Seattle Dance Fitness. Kim is walking proof of the magic that happens in Seattle Dance Fitness. Whether it be a Move and Grow, Hip Hop Kids, or Adult Dance Fitness, Kim looks forward to groovin’ with you!

Instructor Lisa Otness headshot

Lisa Otness

Turbo Kick® Fitness


Lisa is delighted to bring TurboKick to the SDF family! Lisa brings an infectious energy to her classes and loves nothing more than sweating and smiling while working out. Her goal is to make sure that everyone attending her classes has fun, is safe and feels included, all are welcome. Group fitness is her jam! Her two workout loves are anything dance-related and TurboKick®, these two together with SDF is a dream come true. Lisa has been teaching TurboKick® since 2016 and is pumped for the opportunity to spread the Turbo love with the SFD family.


TurboKick® is a high-energy and FUN cardio kickboxing class that will have you sweating and smiling in no time. It combines traditional kickboxing moves with fun choreography, music and a little bit of sass. Each and every class is like a party that you will never want to end!

Instructor Ruben Pereya headshot

Ruben Pereya

WERQ Cardio Dance Classes

Ruben is a WERQ Representative, WERQ Community Manager for the West Coast, and a Guest Choreographer, whose mission is to help others reach their full fitness potential and feel confident in their own skin. He was the first WERQ Instructor in California, putting WERQ on the map in the West Coast while helping WERQ become one of the leading Dance Fitness Brands around the United States. Now living in Washington State, Ruben is bringing WERQ to a new community showcasing the power and freedom of dance fitness.


In addition to teaching WERQ, Ruben has a degree in Kinesiology and has been a driving force in the Fitness Industry for over 12 years by being an entrepreneur with services such as personal training, group training, sports training, he is also a Fitness and Health Teacher in Schools; he has working for well known gyms such as Equinox, and most of all presented in Fitness Conventions around the U.S.

Ruben brings E.N.E.R.G.Y. to his cardio dance classes and is the First Place Winner of The 2019 Fit Expo Wow the Crowd Competition in Anaheim Ca, which is one of the Highest Honors anyone in the Dance Fitness Community can have. Since then, he has been named a Celebrity Dance Fitness Instructor by the FIT EXPO showcasing WERQ Dance Fitness on stages around the U.S. Ruben brings fierceness and joy to life and is a 8x time recipient of the IDEA Fitness Inspiration Medal. Ruben’s smile is as contagious as his ability to WERQ and twerk!

WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat. WERQ Instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting pop and hip hop music.


Ginny Robinson

Barre Above™ Classes

Ginny is a career dancer who has specialized in styles such as Jazz, Modern, Ballet, and Hip Hop. She received her B.S. in Dance, M.S. in Movement and Leisure Sciences, and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She is also licensed in Barre Above and Zumba®.


Ginny is passionate about helping others find success and confidence while pursuing a healthy active lifestyle. Her health and wellness philosophy encompasses injury prevention, active recovery, and functional training for all fitness levels.


In her free time, Ginny loves dancing, going on road trips, baking, and spending time in her hometown of Walla Walla, WA.

Instructor Karen Rowe headshot

Karen Rowe

Adult "CDP" Classes

Karen is thrilled to join the SDF Team! Dance has been a passion her entire life. If music is playing, you can bet she is dancing! Growing up, Karen was a cheerleader and loved the performance aspect and the squad camaraderie. After cheerleading, the search was on to fill the void. Any chance she had to take a class (hip hop, jazzercise, salsa, line dancing) she jumped at the opportunity. Finally, dance fitness came into her life. She was hooked her first class and it became an instant obsession. Since then, Karen has participated in numerous dance jams, workshops & trainings and is always eager to experience different styles and vibes.


Karen loves that dance is universal and transformational. For her, a great dancer isn’t necessarily the best dancer in the room, it’s the person who is having fun and not taking themselves too seriously! So come let your hair down and dance with her!

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® Instructors

Instructor Candice Levy headshot

Candice Levy

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®

Candice, originally from Miami, FL, started taking dance lessons at the age of 3 and enjoyed dancing all through her youth. She has studied many different dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. When she was little, she loved making up dance routines with her cousin over the summer to songs like, “Kiss” from Prince and then perform for her whole family.


After having 2 kids she realized that she needed to get in shape and found group workouts were the most fun and the most motivating. After taking several dance fitness classes she was hooked! Combining both working out and dance made it a happy combination. Helping out in her kids’ classroom and enjoying the time spent with all the kids in the class, she realized that she would love to teach her love of dance not only at home with her kids, but also to others. Teaching Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® has been such a fun experience and she is excited to continue spreading the joy of Dance and Fitness!


Candice is licensed as a Zumba®  instructor and is currently working SDF as a Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® choreographer and can’t wait to get back to teaching in schools!

Instructor Anna-Marie Lim headshot

Anna-Marie Lim

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®

Anna-Marie is a born and raised Seattleite and has lived in almost every neighborhood in the Seattle area. Regardless of where she resides, Anna-Marie has made it a point to always be involved in her community and to get those around her to move and groove... Anna-Marie’s background of being a cheerleader, youth cheer coach, and teaching kid’s gymnastics has set her up for success in being a dance fitness instructor for both children and adults. Plus, music has always been a getaway growing up and being driven by a beat she couldn’t help but move her feet.


Coming from a Filipino family, dancing was always happening and if you can’t beat em join em! Anna-Marie is a certified MixxedFit® Instructor and just wants to share her love of dance! Through movement, dance, and music she has really discovered who she is and wants to share her passion with others so that they too can find their own true self. Anna-Marie truly believes that we all march to the beat of our own drum, so let’s dance and find our own unique rhythm through this thing called life and have some fun while we are at it! 

Instructor Tamara Littlejohn headshot

Tamara Littlejohn

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®

Tamara's relationship with dance was born when she was a little girl with a big mirror and her mom's records. Many evenings were spent getting lost in her head, twirling and leaping around the living room while Neil, Dolly and Kenny crooned their important lessons.


These days, Tamara is an elementary school teacher, mom and wife. She relies heavily on her dance life to sustain her personal health and this has extended into her professional life as well! As a teacher and advocate for children's health, wellness and happiness, it only makes sense that she has begun the journey as an instructor, as well.


Tamara joined the SDF family as one of our Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® Instructor and is on her way to adding additional credentials. Her lifelong love of dance, enthusiasm, her growth mindset, inclusiveness and positive outlook make Tamara and SDF and natural fit!

Instructor Shellena Renae Nicol headshot

Shellena Renae Nicol

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®

Bio Coming Soon!