Adult Dance & Fitness

Seattle Dance Fitness offers amazing fitness classes led by SUPER welcoming and energetic team of instructors designed to bring the love of dance back into your life! Our Cardio Dance Party (CDP)WERQ® Cardio Dance Fitness, Turbo Kick®, Barre Above™Booty Camp, STRONG 30™, and Groov3 classes leave you feeling sassy, sexy and stronger, and help you burn between 400-1000 calories.

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Adult Dance Fitness Classes (aka. "Cardio Dance Parties") leave you feeling sassy, happy, confident, and empowered. CDP students follow along each week to original dance fitness choreography featuring pop/hip hop/dancehall and Top 40 music.

Cardio Dance Party "CDP"

NEW! What you know and love about our famous CDP Classes, miniaturized! Take a lunch break from your day and share a Power 1/2 Hour with us!

CDP Mini - Power 1/2 Hour!


WERQ® Cardio Dance Fitness

WERQ® is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat. WERQ Instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting pop and hip hop music.


Turbo Kick® Fitness

High-paced, kickboxing style classes!  Turbo Kick® is a high-energy and FUN cardio kickboxing class that will have you sweating and smiling in no time. It combines traditional kickboxing moves with fun choreography, music and a little bit of sass. Each and every class is like a party that you will never want to end!


BARRE above

Based on the hottest pop and hip hop music! This Barre Fusion class is a total body workout combining Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Strength Training. Modifications are included for all fitness levels so you can feel really successful while you strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. This 55 minute sweat sesh is set to a kickass playlist too!

You'll need some open space with either a chair or a little open wall space, yoga mat or similar. Light weights optional! 

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Booty Camp

Booty Camp will have you focusing on strength and conditioning your BOOTY and more while jamming out to your favorite hip hop songs. Class will consist of choreographed cardio dance breaks while primarily focusing on calisthenics (body weight movement) and incorporating light weights* for toning. This class is designed for all fitness levels allowing for modifications or challenging progressions. Get yo booty to BOOTY CAMP!


*Weights not required



30 Minute Class!

STRONG by Zumba® is now STRONG in 30

Every Beat has a Move. Music is the ultimate motivator. It pushes you through your workout, through one last rep - and then one more. Knowing how powerful the effect of music is on a workout, Zumba wondered – what would happen if we synced the moves in a high-intensity workout to a beat? So they reverse-engineered the music for STRONG IN 30™ to match every single move.


Moving in sync with music makes students consistently push themselves past their limits and meet their goals faster. Now, you can do it too.



Turn up for the sweatiest, blood-pulsing, beat-dropping, bass-pumping night on the town with GROOV3, the only dance experience that delivers the undeniable Power of 3:

  • 1 non-stop, no-holding-back, calorie-slaying DJ set

  • 2 speeds of choreography to match and amplify any learning style

  • 3 times the empowerment as you DANCE, SWEAT, and LIVE, far beyond your workout!

In GROOV3 we start with an easy dance fitness warm up and then head straight into learning the choreo. Jess will lead you through breaking down the choreography at 1/2 time and then take it up to tempo while keeping the grooves flowing throughout so you get an awesome workout too. 

Each GROOV3 class is set to a nonstop DJ set that is guaranteed to make you want to MOVE!  GROOV3 is more than just calorie-burning; its a confidence-building, stress-reducing, mentally stimulating, full body experience.

75 Minute Class!



Stretch Yourself, ♥️ Yourself

Cuz who DOESN'T need to get a good stretch on?! Show your body some love with this 25 minute full body dancer's stretch class focusing on developing and maintaining flexibility.

Welcome to the most important pelvic isolation classes you will ever take! This workshop is going to connect you to your body and teach you how to effectively create pops, jiggles, and shakes with your glutes! What makes these classes different from other twerk classes is that Marietta specializes in pelvic isolations. She will teach you how to properly move your bones and muscles so that your goods can shake freely and correctly. Together We Twerk!

Level 1 Twerk Workshop: Students will learn about embodiment, musicality, and technique. Our hips are the powerhouse of our bodies! It's important to move the energy in our wombs (especially if we’ve experienced any sort of trauma) to maintain a healthy physical, mental, and emotional balance. We will also learn how to dismantle misogynistic programming and stigmas around our bodies. We will shake our cheeks in solidarity and in rebellion against the patriarchy. We dance for ourselves, we express for ourselves, and together we will create a safe space (first) within ourselves and help spread self-love throughout the community. 

Level 2 Twerk Workshop:  If you’re looking to take the LVL2 workshop, that means you’ve taken the LVL 1 workshop and you’re ready to expand!  We will amplify all the movements we learned previously by adding musicality, traveling movements, and more complex combinations. This series will be more fast paced and challenging than the previous level, so be prepared to put in the work and feel sore the next day! 

Twerk Workshops with Marietta

Guest Instructor!