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Guest Instructors

We proudly feature AMAZING guest instructors that educate and inspire our dance community, and keep us moving, learning and growing!


Marietta Villalobos 

Level 1 & Level 2 Twerk Workshops • IG: @mertaloba • TikTok: @mertaloba

Marietta Villalobos is a world renowned professional pelvic isolation instructor based in Seattle, Washington. Born in Costa Rica, and raised in Louisiana; She specializes in dances with Pelvic movement like Tarraxinha, Twerk, Latin dances and more!

Twerking has been present in Marietta’s life since childhood(New Orleans, Louisiana is the birthplace of Twerk)! On top of having the privilege of being raised with these movements, coming from Latin American background also came with its benefits. Pelvic isolation‘s are traced back to African roots, which are deeply ingrained into Latin American culture.

Through dance, Marietta will connect you to your body by giving you tools to help you understand your body’s movement and it’s functionality. Through movement, we will bring awareness to areas that may have trapped energy from trauma, stress, or stagnation. Lateral thinking is a strength for Marietta. She finds numerous ways to break down the same concept while keeping you entertained and focused. She is known for her strict attention to detail and fluidity. Her goal is to match all types of learning styles and guarantees you will come out of her courses with new and challenging material that you understand.

*Offered a few times a year!

Twerk with Marietta
Summer Workshops — Levels 1 & 2

Welcome to the most important pelvic isolation classes you will ever take! This workshop is going to connect you to your body and teach you how to effectively create pops, jiggles, and shakes with your glutes! What makes these classes different from other twerk classes is that Marietta specializes in pelvic isolations. She will teach you how to properly move your bones and muscles so that your goods can shake freely and correctly. Together We Twerk!

Level 1:  In the Level 1 Workshop, we will learn about embodiment, musicality, and technique. Our hips are the powerhouse of our bodies! 

Level 2:  If you’re looking to take this LVL2 workshop, that means you’ve taken the LVL 1 workshop and you’re ready to expand!  We will amplify all the movements we learned previously by adding musicality, traveling movements, and more complex combinations.

Come learn from Marietta Villalobos - one of the masters in this field!  @mertaloba

1x Workshops = 90 Minutes

Level 1 or Level 2

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