Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® is best described as a DANCE PARTY featuring kid-friendly hip hop & pop routines! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, and coordination. Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness FUN!

It is the mission of Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® to provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive space for ALL kids to DANCE and enjoy MOVING their bodies.

Check out our Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® class types & descriptions, and register for an upcoming class today!


Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® Class Types:


Best described as a kids dance party! Each week, friendly instructors break down the steps and add games and fun dance activities. 


Hire our HHK team to lead an assembly or family fun night at your school!


Contact us if you are interested in bringing us to your school for a fun one time event!

Private Events

Interested in featuring a fun, interactive dance element at a special kids event? We can support in-person or virtual events and parties!


Contact us and share your ideas!

After School Enrichment

We offer Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® at various elementary schools in the Greater Seattle area. New songs and song requests by students add to the fun and unique feeling of each and every class!

Contact us if you are interested in bringing our program to your after school enrichment program!

Private group Classes

Got a group of kiddos you'd like to create a private session for?

Contact us and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Summer Camps

In our weekly summer camps your child can join in on the fun of dance fitness and then get creative with arts & crafts using different mediums (i.e. yarn, tie dye technique, different types of paper, origami, and more!)


Register for HHK Class

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® registrations are run through 6crickets.com.

isit our HHK registrations page to view current offerings, or head straight to 6crickets.com to register!

Psst! Learn more about our very first studio!

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Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness®
(Kindergarten - 4th Grade)
Where it all began! In our original HHKIDS program for the earlier elementary aged kiddos we lead the kids through fun follow along dance fitness songs, break down the steps, play dance games and have plenty of time to FREE dance with scarves, hula hoops and more! 
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Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® 
(4th - 8th Grade)
Our Tween/Teen Edition of Hip Hop Kids acknowledges this particular age in adolescence as a time where structured dancing is preferable to "free dancing" and we do our best to create a safe and respectful environment for these kiddos to MOVE their bodies and have FUN!  Classes include Follow along dance fitness, dance fitness choreography breakdowns, and dance games!
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Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® 
Summer Camps
(1st - 5th Grade Elementary)
This 1 hr 45 minute long mini camp was created for dance AND art lovers who are looking for a fun activity on early release Wednesdays* during the school year! This program will begin each week by getting dancing with our original HHKIDS program, followed by creating tons of fun projects using a variety of supplies such as tie dye, yarn, acrylics, origami and more! *Our mini-camp will follow the Shoreline School District Early Release Schedule. 
Summer camps offer the same curriculum but run 2 hours per day, 4 days a week. Mon-Thurs.
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Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® was developed by owner/director Jessica Gleason. Jessica has been teaching dance and movement to kids and adults for more than 15 years. She started this program because of her passion to get kids dancing and enjoying just MOVING their bodies in in the moment; to dance without an end goal or product. 

Jessica is a mom of two boys and has first hand experience of the heartache and stress that is caused by the pressure put on kids these days to specialize in sports/dance, etc so early in their lives. She has seen how quite often if these kids are coming “too late to the game” or seen as “lacking in natural talent,” or if they really love the activity but don’t want to eat, breathe and sleep it, they might be “cut” from the team/class, etc, often as early as the tween years!


In light of this experience she felt compelled to create an inclusive space for ALL to come and enjoy dance and movement! Kids and adults too!